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The first thing I know about writing.

     I sat down and started writing that’s how its done right. I banged out the lines and thought I was packing in tons of good writing. It wasn’t and the smell is as bad now as it was then, but in review. I can see the truth of it. SK says do not come to the page lightly, but be forewarned however you come to the page the thing that rules you will be there. If you are weak then weakness will speak. If you are angry, then rage will rule. If you hurt, then pain will emanate, but if you love your subject I am listening.


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and again….

The hardest part is the best part. Life is lived by the day treasured or not and pleasured or not. I might miss 2012 , but then my aim has never been exceptional. The future is wide open says the great Petty and I believe him.
I have written little for around eight months, but my reading has stayed consistent. My urge to work is waxing and there are several stories I would like to tell. I am going to revamp the page in the next week or two by adding some pages for the stories to keep this one for thoughts on writing. I hope you come by and read.

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A new short story to investigate a question of mine.

In a mystery story, the reader eventually reaches the solution to the mystery. I wrote this story thinking about man’s greatest mystery. A man can be well educated and still know nothing about a woman. It seems very probable to me that knowing one woman completely, which is impossible, means absolutely nothing about the rest of the sex. They all appear to be made from unique molds with only basic physical similarities.

How does a woman feel about sex? There is no answer to question. I say this because all answers are correct somewhere, so none are right. One woman is passive while another is aggressive. One is turned on by Brad Pitt and another is repulsed. One can take it or leave it and another can’t be sated. I think this is a large deviation from the male that is constantly horny. I read the Plum novels for research into a woman’s sexuality. The series possess a latent sexuality that is distinctly feminine. If I were to draw conclusion, I would say woman like to be teased, hinted to, and protected while left free to adventure at will. I lack belief that there is an answer to this question, but it is interesting to ponder.

How does a woman view the world? Sherlock Holmes would shrug at this enigma. I wonder if a woman views it any differently than a man. I pondered the possibility that a female character is the same as a male only referred to with she instead of he. It does work as long as the characters are different enough to not run together. I read books written by women as research for this question. The Bronte sisters are top for a female perspective. They differ greatly from one another and yet are all female. An interesting note, I often find male characters in female books hard to believe. I almost said phony, but that isn’t true. They work in the story and behave correctly in all manners. Maybe they are too perfect to be men. Maybe the authors corrected the male flaws before letting them loose in their imaginations. I fear that I remove too emotions before freeing my characters to live their lives. I am not saying emotions are male or female only uncomfortable for me. How do I view the world? How do I analyze my world view? I only have my view to hold as a measure. Maybe John will ask the girls for some insight or maybe Audi can enlighten me.

There are lots of questions to ask. I wonder if the answer is even within my comprehension. Think of this, woman vary some much individually. Some are sweet; some smart, and even few bitchy ones. There are role variations in women. Grandmothers, mothers, wives, singles, daughters, and sisters roles women fill just to name a few. Employee, Boss, customer are other variables that would affect behavior. I ask these questions in order to do justice to female characters. If I do it right, I might create a Venus, Dianna, or Juliet. I would enjoy a Stephanie Plum. She makes me laugh, but Audi is alright in my book. I can’t wait to see where John takes her.

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The in crowd of characters


     If an individual has a unique personality or look, they will be called a character at some point in time. In a story, anything can be a character. The only requirement is that the author has imbued it with some ability to affect the story, maybe not even affect, maybe just a perceived ability. The difference between real life and a story is the characters are…. It could be likeable, attractive, brave, sexy, or any one of a thousand other traits. How should I decide which characters to use? A hero, a sidekick, villain, a regular person, a kid any of these could work.

     Everyone loves a hero right? It doesn’t seem like that to me at least not anymore. Historic fiction contains the original heroes. Do remember Beowulf swimming out in the ocean to fight the sea monsters? Maybe not, it was a small detail in the overall story, but that is a pretty tuff thing to do even on a bet I am not interested. The male hero had a good run for sure, but the times are a changing. If you want to trot out a hero, he better be inept for a good portion of the story at the very least. Society no longer swoons for the white knight. Harry Potter enters a victim moves on into a lucky ineptitude, and then finally the hero comes out in the last books. I wonder if Voldermort will get him or not. The world may never know, it’s as clear as the number of licks a Tootsie Pop contains. A theory of mine is that Harry kills Vold, but dies in the process making him the ultimate martyr. In reading the last books, it felt like J.K. was tired of Harry or maybe Harry’s death made her sad or maybe I am just writing my own fiction. Who knows and I have strayed from my original thought. Does superman have a bad reputation? No, He is still the spotless embodiment of the classic hero, but his appeal has waned.

     A quick emasculation is an idea. A female character, a heroine, can gain skill and power at any rate without losing appeal. An interesting combination is classic male heroes with an inept female hero as the lead. I am talking about Janet Evanovich’s Ms.Plum. She is not exactly inept in fact, but professes it enough thru the book to make the statement true enough. It works and Evanovich can write sexy on top of comedy like no other. She’s a marvel to enjoy. I think Plum should have red hair and when I am in charge she’s getting a dye job drapes and carpet. I am getting ready to read a new novel by Melinda McGuire Josephine Red dirt and Whiskey. I will give it a review after I finish it in the meantime you can look her up at melindamcguirewrites@wordpress.com. I wonder who Josephine is and what she is all about. The novel is set during the great depression. The great depression was a hellish time to live, but a fertile period to write. A heroine is a good choice, maybe now is the heroines day it seems possible as more are emerging every day.

     All the rest can fall into one of the two categories with close enough scrutiny. A few may fit both categories if they possess a suitable sexual crisis. The most desirable characters to me are normal stock, uniquely flawed in personality or appearance. I hold no strong convictions here only my thoughts written down to clarify them for me.


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The first words on a page.

I abruptly stopped writing about two months ago. I was making real progress and the work was flowing. I outlined a story to write for submission. I read daily about crafting a good plot. I wrote daily at least 1200 words and up too 2000 on a good day. I was doing all the things a writer should and then I stopped dead. I am unsure of why or how and I bet many never understand it. I never realized it but writing is like tracking through snow. It is difficult at first and becomes easier the more you do it. I stopped and it did not take long before my tracks covered over and I was lost and alone.

I found a brand new reason not to write everyday. I recently thought walking away was best for me. It would be the easy way out. I am far more skilled with my hands than my mind and there is comfort in your strengths than weaknesses. I almost did it. It was wrong, but whose counting for mistakes. My tracks were covered and finding my way back would be too hard. It is better to give up and leave the stress of trying to fools and the damned.

The snow filled my tracks and again I stood facing the blank page. I will not lie about it. It is daunting to write and I am daunted, but snow devils be dammed and snow angels get behind me I will write. I will no longer come to blank page lightly. I was told better by my better and headed him not. I am not sure if this makes sense to you or not. I hope there is a thread of relation. The human experience is common to us all and will be shared with friends.

The words are coming again fast and if I continue for a little longer I will have direction. I will never stop with already having a start for tomorrow. I have much material and several new techniques that I need to address. It would be better if I dreamed the words and could forget them in a blink at dawn, but I don’t and the stories continue to fill me. I like to write stories and want to write them well. Writing isn’t hard, but writing well is hard. It takes thought practice and untainted imagination to do it. I enjoy creating stories. Each one is a trip to some where with someone I admire. Oh man, I need to go somewhere. I will get some stuff together in my head and we can go. The free places with the good food and a beer. Cheers and go pack a bag good for at least a week.

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Janet Evanovich on writing

How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling AuthorHow I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have read several books by writers writing about writing. She follows true to the form. She gives a witty introduction to her and her crew. She stays true to her roots with a sexy feeling to her writing. I like it and lets face it sex sells. She gives her history and how she met her coauthor. She plugs her website in several areas of the book. I was intrigued and emailed her a question. I expected maybe a form reply or a non reply at best. I mean dare I even hope for a personal reply. I got a personalized form reply from Janet’s Daughter’s assistant. It felt like a low blow even with my low expectations. If the reply had addressed my question directly, I would have been thrilled, but he missed and the reply was a form and lame glancing blow at my question. Form reply aside, I enjoyed her insight and she got the key authorial advice in there. The key to becoming a great writer is to write. Write soon and write often. Practice new things and read a lot. You should write often as well and to be like Janet it better be a little funny and sexy.
Thank you Mrs. Evanovich

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Todays Stories

     I am not a morning person. The sun’s perky perspective has never inspired me to drag out one iota earlier than I have too. In my studies of writers, every one of them give a tid bit about how you must work and the earlier the better. Hemingway advises to never read before you write to avoid other people’s muses. King tells a story of a writer, who hops out at five to bang something out before his shift. I wonder how they compensated for kids, work, and life in all they’re getting up early to bang with their muse.

     My mornings, oh my mornings, I get up and goto work. I read audio books, while I drive from place to place, and things get done. Once in a while, I get really into the book and the world dims a bit taking a back seat to a good read. It becomes harder to concentrate on work when the world hangs in the balance. The real world really can seem trivial when  I am thriving in a the story. After a lot of analysis by a room full of experts the conclusion is this, I am not sure how it is possible to write in the morning at least for me. It works fine for King and country and I am glad for it but not me.

      I read some books, some great to read,some great to finish. The best time to do this is before I am able to sit and write maybe if the sun would consent to get up later this could change but no luck so far. If Papa were believed, my muse is a soiled dove dirty, but still willing to work for me. I have a story idea almost everyday. The same story can become a running thought for days or weeks as it defines. A few go away, then reappear out of the blue fresh and ready to go again. I feel a bit sad about most of these for I never scribe or shape them and eventually they fade away. I am glad ” The Gunslinger” and ” The Old Man and the Sea” got a better shake. Of course, Roland and Santiago both were early risers maybe that helps.

    I am going to open a new category to jot these thoughts in called Todays stories, who knows maybe a few will survive being written.


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