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and again….

The hardest part is the best part. Life is lived by the day treasured or not and pleasured or not. I might miss 2012 , but then my aim has never been exceptional. The future is wide open says the great Petty and I believe him.
I have written little for around eight months, but my reading has stayed consistent. My urge to work is waxing and there are several stories I would like to tell. I am going to revamp the page in the next week or two by adding some pages for the stories to keep this one for thoughts on writing. I hope you come by and read.


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Plot- a place to bury a guy

I continue to improve my craft. I desire the ability to improve the structure of my stories. I am currently reading Plot & Structure – Write Great Fiction byJames Scott Bell. He has several forms and it is an easy read. I may have to get back to writing with the old tools. I stopped cold when I decided to upgrade my plots.

I haven’t written a word in a couple of weeks. I read several books including Catcher in the Rye. It’s a good book and carries the story along. It isn’t as epic as I expected. I was supposed to be forever changed. They teach this book in college for Pete’s sake. Salinger’s gift is characterization. His characters jump off the page. I don’t like them, but they do pop. If you ask me personally, they should teach Shawshank Redemption in college and let the catcher save the children running for the cliff.

I will revise and post Broken Angel in the morning. I hope you enjoy it.


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