Pretend you can’t see me

Do you remember saying that a kid? It was the best to hide in a room with some one to cover for you. They could say ” Him, oh, he went that way” to throw them off your trail. I guess that’s what I need you to do now. I am hiding and the work is seeking. I did edit “Dead Horse” and smoothed it a little, but no real writing not today anyway. I should get going before they come back and find me, since I have already beat the dead horse today.

I am going to use this blog to sort out some things that I have worked over. I have about ten short stories half written. I think this is mostly due to my muse getting board and moving on when I fail to actually work the ideas.

I wrote a story about Jack the ripper and it is almost finished. I wrote about 1200 words in a sitting then promptly did nothing with it. I pulled it out and started to stir the old ideas. I will probably finish it tonight and do a first edit. I edit my stories over and over, so if you don’t like one read it again in a month. It will probably have changed in some way. Jack needs some carriage work and I need to tie a few more strings front to back for it to kill.

I am reading Hemingway on writing. It consists of different things he said over the years compiled into little book. I have always loved his stories. I have a book of his short stories well and I find it relaxing to go with Nick Adams trout fishing. The man wields the prose well. I study him loosely and gain some from it. His trick is talk about something by comparing it to something else then spin it all around and make my brain smile. I am not sure about my analysis, so you should consider it a work in progress. A book full of quotes is probably not a good study guide anymore than eating a fish is good for figuring out what bait caught it.

I am going to do some upgrades to the old page. I desire a little more interactivity with the reader and I want to add a book review section. I think the place could use a few pictures as well. I am going to add a pic to each post and personal picture to the main page.  A fresh coat of paint is on the agenda to boot. Everything is better with a fresh coat of paint and sometimes pictures or books.

The menu is full and its time to order. My goal of 2000 a day is tough. It’s a marathon after a day of work and family. I will get there given some time. I find a way to get where I need to go I always have . It is very fun to blog I feel like I am getting something accomplished and I’m not!


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