Todays Stories

     I am not a morning person. The sun’s perky perspective has never inspired me to drag out one iota earlier than I have too. In my studies of writers, every one of them give a tid bit about how you must work and the earlier the better. Hemingway advises to never read before you write to avoid other people’s muses. King tells a story of a writer, who hops out at five to bang something out before his shift. I wonder how they compensated for kids, work, and life in all they’re getting up early to bang with their muse.

     My mornings, oh my mornings, I get up and goto work. I read audio books, while I drive from place to place, and things get done. Once in a while, I get really into the book and the world dims a bit taking a back seat to a good read. It becomes harder to concentrate on work when the world hangs in the balance. The real world really can seem trivial when  I am thriving in a the story. After a lot of analysis by a room full of experts the conclusion is this, I am not sure how it is possible to write in the morning at least for me. It works fine for King and country and I am glad for it but not me.

      I read some books, some great to read,some great to finish. The best time to do this is before I am able to sit and write maybe if the sun would consent to get up later this could change but no luck so far. If Papa were believed, my muse is a soiled dove dirty, but still willing to work for me. I have a story idea almost everyday. The same story can become a running thought for days or weeks as it defines. A few go away, then reappear out of the blue fresh and ready to go again. I feel a bit sad about most of these for I never scribe or shape them and eventually they fade away. I am glad ” The Gunslinger” and ” The Old Man and the Sea” got a better shake. Of course, Roland and Santiago both were early risers maybe that helps.

    I am going to open a new category to jot these thoughts in called Todays stories, who knows maybe a few will survive being written.



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