What is this?

It is easier to write in word and I am used to
it. I guess writing in the browser or whatever this is just feels more
personal. It has the feel of touching another person. I am not sure that is
what I need. I have started monologing in my head almost constantly. I am not sure when it began but it has been growing constantly for several
months. It began about three years ago when my reading became compulsive. I
read often now, no that is not right. I read constantly, every day, and now it
is coming back out it. I guess it is a cerebral regurgitation. I
have been gaining in grammar and construction for a while now. I am to do nothing sub-par and this is something worth doing well. I fight the same fight all writers have
fought since the inception of writing.

I find myself looking for theexact right time to write. I have come to believe there is no perfect time towrite. There is time to write and write well but it is dirty time partially consumed by other things. Dirty time is more exactly what dirty water is to clean water.
I wish it were better and it may with time and effort. I have to work a full time
job and take care of a family. I would be hard pressed to relinquish one and dammed to
surrender the other. I will write even if it is only in dirty time. I am trying to sort the worth
from the worthless.

I read writers like lions eat meat. I eat meat and I eat
writers. I married and she is better than I am for whatever my opinion is worth. She keeps me in bounds and I love her for herself. I started with contemporary writers and have
homed in on a few. I esteem King and defame Patterson. I have no right to defame one and
honor another and I do anyway. King and Patterson are two of quality material.
King uses the aura borealis to trace darker paths and I love him for it. He
loves horror and follows it with a gift. Patterson uses a gift to make outlines
and release 12-15 books a year. You see how I am; I use numbers that are
shorter than need be to spell out. I have no regard for rules, grammatical or
otherwise, and I never have. I need a few more Kings to eat and would drool
for a Patterson that is not mass-produced, but toiled over, suffered for, and
possibly loved.

I have gained in several areas in a short time. I have begun to live by the word. I am becoming an addict of written thought. I find it fulfilling in ways I little understand. I am
studying Hemingway. He found a path to the truth. He studied it, I can see that in
his writings, they clear, define, and grow as they progress. I aim to write
prose that is poetry and poetry that doesn’t rhyme.



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