Polilla Writes “questions to readers of her post”

I have been finishing a project and out for awhile so I am reply to some pages to get back into writing. I have been putting off writing and it disturbs me. I find replies stirring and I am trying to foster some relationship with writers for support.

1. What do you like most to read? Themes, genres, authors?
2. Do you have favourite authors and would read anything written by them?
3. What have you found that you are not interested in spending your time reading?
4. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

This is my first reply, but I read you often. I apologize for the hit and runs. I just find it hard to actually type a reply. I fear sounding foolish or worse rejection.

1. Almost anything except romance. King, O’brian, Hemingway, Card are my mainstay authors. I am drifting in classic literature and poetry.
2. Yes those four and a few others are my favorites. I have read or am working on reading all of their works. I have read several Hemingway books twice and plan on studying “The old man and the sea”
3. THe newspaper
4. I would like to write one about small towns and industrialization, a series about the U.S. under seige, a fantasy with multiple dimensions and a father and son as the heroes, and a pirate story about brothers in the late 1700’s.


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