God to Good to Buh?

      I was watching a tv show several years ago when one of the characters said ” Buh-Bye” in a clever fashion. I liked it and made it my own. I find myself thinking about normal conversations these days and comparing them to older communications (letters and books). I know any live language will drift or change over the years, but is all drift good?

      The term good-bye originates with the farewell “God be with Ye”. It has had many incarnations over the years until it became “Good-Bye”. I am okay with that form, but it seems weird to say good-bye to some one now. It is almost like I am being pretentious or something similar for using good-bye and not a stand alone”bye” or the infamous “Buh-Bye”.

    Emails are another peeve of mine. The written communication of a human of the 1700-1900 are well written with lots of thought and design or weak scrawl trying to communicate. I can forgive the scrawl, due to the difficulty of life at that point in history. An education was not a right, it was a blessing. I bet you are wondering where I am going with 1700 chicken scratch. I am going to this point. They did the best they could with the tools at hand. We have every educational opportunity  today, so that excuse is gone. An email is rapidly becoming a piece of thought unvarnished and abbreviated if possible. We say lol, rotfl, brb and hundreds of other acronyms. Are we becoming computers? Is this deal going to end up in basic code? One on and  Zero off is this our future? The best guess I can make is maybe, but I hope we go another direction. If you think I am out of line here, end your next email to your boss with sincere regards and start it with dear. I bet at very least these comments will make you uncomfortable. In the 1700’s, this would have been very common to see in a letter from one man to another, but now seems mushy to me. It is more inline to write the person’s name alone as the introduction and thank you followed with your name at the end.

        I have made an effort to raise the bar in my writings and communication in general. I perceive now a greater depth of communication that is all new to me. How is it I made it 35 years in the dark? You may or may not be in the dark with me, but at least take a look around. You probably wouldn’t say farewell, but you might say “take care”. We determine our language destination with choices we make everyday. The good or god is gone and we have only the bye or “bye bye” if you are sweet or maybe if you are a bit evil and wanting to be condensending. What does this mean bye all bye itself? Do we mean “be with ye” (bye) or better yet “be with ye be with ye” (bye bye)? What does that mean? “Buh bye ” is funnier yet meaning ” Buh be with ye”. Who is Buh and why do you want him or her with me? I will take God with me or good if you have no God to give. Are we dear to each other or are we code? I sincerely hope we stay dear to one another xoxoxoxo, but if not as the Master Control Program would have it END TRANS.


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