Idea genesis

      I am writing this to get something in today. I put off the blog for a day and the next day it gets harder to blog. I could surmise in a week or two writing would be completely impossible. I will have to stay ahead of that possibility. Writing is like french fries. You start out totally pleased by the hot deliciousness, but if you let them sit they get cold and leave you with stiff greasy cold potatoes. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it really depends on the words doesn’t it. A couple of sentences can create thoughts, feelings, and visual images galore, but how are these sentences created? The style is important but all the style in the world has trouble lifting a mundane subject. I am looking for the process to capture an idea worthy, deserving, and self developing.

        The future, the past, the present are all worthy so time is irrelevant. A city street, a mountain top, the face of the moon are all worthy again. A man, a woman, a couple of fish still all worthy. How can I find all these worthy things? Is everything worthy? I guess maybe he, she, it or there is worthy no matter when they occur.

      I have thought myself deserving my whole life. The deserving of what is more interesting. I have sometimes deserved good and sometimes bad, but being favored I have received more of the good desserts. What makes a story idea deserving? Dickens knew, King knows, Bradbury knows as well. I am out on this one for the moment. I will write some for others, who may or may not want to buy them, and I will write some stories that have manifested themselves to me. I think these purposes for money or love are both deserving.

        Ideas are powerful things capable of freeing or enslaving. An idea can dance for you or chase you down to beat your snot out. I have seen ideas capture an entire generation. Farenheit 451 may haunt me forever with implications that seem more and more possible. The good ideas are like that. They get on you, in you, and carry on through you.

       I am looking for the genesis of these magnificent ideas. I aim to spear one for good or bad. One of the big ones that will carry my mind up to the clouds. I am speaking figuratively ,of course, but isn’t that my purpose. It is hard enough training myself to write in a direct voice shedding the ho-hum words that come to me. I read and see what I am looking for exactly. The author describes them as scribed correctly. Who am I to argue? They are good posts. I engage with every one of them. If I could write stories scribed correctly, I think those clouds would become my bed upon it I could sit and muse about forever.


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