Good Advice?

             I am starting my day brushing my teeth flossing my hair etc and I started thinking about the human condition. I was thinking about the standard problem solving people use. It puzzles me why people go to best friends, parents, children or coworkers with our problems but little consideration of their qualification.

            I have on many occasions gone to my friends with relationship troubles. They have always had much to offer. It often improves my mood but seldom did anything for my problems. Is this related to the statement “if you don’t act like your friends just wait you will”? I have tried what would seem the opposite also that is going to her friends. I had no better luck with this tactic. One friend in fact was very compassionate about my situation then used it to make a pass at me. I didn’t bite and in fact it probably did more to guide me in the right direction then my own friends good advice.

           I have after many failures and successes combined learned. My standard for problem solving these days is a lot more effective. If I need a problem solved or advice on something, I go to a successful source i e a person who has succeeded at my trial. What I mean by this is easier to explain then define exactly. I will give two examples to clarify. If you want marital advice, You should find people engaged in a successful marriage not your five times divorced buddy or girl friend. He or she might be a sympathetic ear but he won’t sew anything worth having in you. I like old married couples their advice always warms me inside. I think in these discussion I glimpse the strength and beauty of their bond. The second good example would be my brother. He races quarter-mile competitively. He has gotten faster and faster every year. It is to the point now that for his budget and equipment that he is faster and more consistent than anyone would suspect or even believe.

             Whatever you do in life, you can hang in comfort with the nominal, but you can’t win. If you want to win, You have to learn from winners and when you win remember to reach down and pull a few up with you.


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