Thinking about Red, Raven and the Blonde

I am unsure if I will ever write this but I was thinking about it today. I have a bully of a headache kicking around upstairs. The setting is a stock college campus. The characters are Red, Justin, Raven, Bottom, Blonde and a few other stockers for emphasis. My purpose is to write a female story.

             I have spent all of my life observing the fairer sex.  I don’t understand them. I don’t think women understand women if they did they wouldn’t have to talk about each other so much. I was out of line in that thought. Women are great but what traits does a female character have that are different from a male.

            King does a good job with the female psyche. In “Gerald’s Game”, the main character is a woman who gets handcuffed to a bed by her deviant husband. She kicks the crap out of him when he gets a little freaky. He retaliates with a heart attack and a death (his own).  Most of the book takes place in her head. I was struck by the feminine impression of the writing. I did not quite decipher his female code. She felt real to me and I invested in her.

            Investment is the key of any writing in my opinion. If you can get a reader to invest in a character then you are free to run. Once a reader is invested, You can trot out anything from automatons to Zul . You can give emotions to your reader. I think this bears weight  as my favorite books are the ones that moved me. Investment is the key to the door of emotion that leads to the truth.

          I would like for readers to invest in Red. Her thoughts and feelings are the vehicle of the story. It starts in her dorm room then moves across campus to an outdoor theater production of ” A mid-summer nights dream”. She’s good, intelligent, honest, passionate and naive ie investable.

Did you know ie is an acronym for Id Est latin which translated means “that is”?

I read about an author that had a gay character but was straight. He handled this by perceiving the characters love interest as female ( attractive to him ). I think this has merit and is my basic plan for Red.

       The bullies rocking on and I have work tomorrow so goodnight.

Books- The republic, Danse macabre, The picture of Dorian Gray, and At first light

I am unsure if my wife liked the letter but she cried and no couch for me so I’ll say it’s not a loss.


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