The Plan and the truth.

I have viewed blogs as  another platform for people to vent their emotions.  I am not sure about that anymore. My use plan is training myself to write in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner. I know this will take a lot of work and that my grammar is poor but I risk nothing but failure. 

       I hope someday to be able to write the truth.  The truth sounds simple but it is the hardest thing to convey. In everyday life, we simplify everything we do if we try to describe it. For instance, I might say I went to the store. I did go truly go to the store but that is only a half truth. The full truth, which is something I am still working on, would be more like this.

           I had a plan all worked out in mind for the evening. I was going to cook dinner, clean up, then watch the idiot box until bed. My plan like most made by mice and men was flawed; hence doomed from the start. I was out of ( I would really like to say something cool here but that’s not the truth) milk. The state of being out of milk must a national problem or at least you here about it a lot. I didn’t want to go to the store. I would not be excited about going to the store and lets face it the store is far and no fun, but the world stops at least my world without milk and still facing the problem it this is a full on moo juice shortage.  

      I am going to end my story here even though the character is dynamic and likable because the plot is weak. I thought about adding a pterodactyl but I would hate to spell that over and over again. I could have made it easier if I named him. I would probably have named him Eagle. It’s an old family name for pterodactyl but that is another story. I could have added space aliens but I am not into probes and being the main character guess who’d be get it in the end. No thank you mister alien. My hope is this story is closer to the truth. I think the truth in writing is easy to discern. The truth moves you emotionally. The reader identifies with the character and is moved but this only happens thru truths.

         On a side note, When did goodbye stop being good? It seems proper form to say goodbye but when I say it to someone it feels improper, stiff or pompous. I blame Jennifer Anniston and her bbye on friends. She changed the world and didn’t know it. I am off topic ranting on emotion already I have  a real blog.

         My battery will die soon so for now I am signing off. My first project is not a story but a quality letter expressing love for my wife. I think the difficulty here is writing truth without too much cheesy ruining it.

   I am going to start posting my stories after that I hope to solicit feedback to improve so feel free.

Thank You



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